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As Racial Disparity Gap Re-emerges Black Women Rally for Action

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BVN Staff

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department reported deaths and new cases of COVID-19 declined during the last week of January.

As Los Angeles County lifts the stay-at-home order, Blacks are urged to continue to practice safety measures that will keep themselves and family members safe.   

During the current surge it is important to note racial disparities have re-emerged. According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, before the current surge, the death rate for African American/Black residents was less than one death per 100,000 people. Currently the rate is 2,000% higher at 20 souls per 100,000 people. Latinos are the only group with a higher rate.

CNN reviewed racial health data from 14 states and last week reported more than 4% of White people have been administered the vaccine, compared to just 1.9% of Black Americans and 1.8% of Hispanic Americans.

“With all of the problems with the rollout of the County vaccine program, we are asking that the County release race/ethnicity, age, and gender vaccination rates,” said Brenda Watson, co-chair of Black Women Rally for Action – Los Angeles County. “In July 2020, the County Board of Supervisors established an antiracist and racial equity Los Angeles County Policy Agenda. Racial equity in the vaccine program is the first test of their policy and we call on the Board of Supervisors to release current vaccination data,” adds Watson. 

Women Rally for Action – Los Angeles County is a coalition of individuals and groups who provide a mechanism for Los Angeles County Black women to advocate on behalf of their health and well-being. The coalition, which does not accept government grant funding, is dedicated to advancing health, economic, and social equity for all Los Angeles County Black women through direct action and connection to effective resources. 

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